Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

The brazilian girl Part #3 and the trip to Poland

So...since the last post i kind of got lazy with my game...because "Eliana" became my first...we are hooking up like every other day...That girl is DEFNIATELY HD...and a lot of fun...

We hooked up a lot of times during the last 2 weeks..and i never i'm used to.

On saturday i was trying to figure out what i'll do, when i saw that one of my favourite polish bands is playing near the Border in Szczecin so i made a plan to go there when my FB called that she just broke up with her boyfriend and she needed some distraction. So i told her i'm going on a trip and whether she wants to join, she was in, so we went there, it was really nice, went to eat something blah blah.
We searched for some accomodation and the cab driver drove us to some former soviet building which now is a hostel. Everything had that post-communistic flavour...we were laughing a lot.
So we went to the room, had some sex and went to the concert at 12:30pm. We had lots of fun, i got us backstage passes and we just enjoyed it...after the concert we took some pictures by night and went back to the hostel....i wouldn't write so much if nothing special would've happened that night... when we had sex that night i climaxed...i dunno how or why...but it was weird...somehow...because i'm really not used to it... i mean it was awesome... but still strange somehow...either way...having A FB is AWESOME...bootycallin after clubgaming superb...that's it for now i guess...

talk to you soon...

Todays schedule:
Soundcloud meetup meetup
Her place

The brazilian girl Part #2. & The Lay Report....

Wednesday night
So i was at Skalitzer Strasse at a Couchsurfing gathering... Got to know some people, had some really interesting conversations going on but nothing caught my eye...
The last few days i was texting "Eliana" from the Sunday's Report a little bit back and forth, nothing out of the ordniary. And then i looked at Skype on my mobile and found something i would consider a Booty call..:

[11.05.2011 21:45:15] Eliana: i´m feelling lonely here....
[11.05.2011 21:49:14] Ceasar: Where are you right  now? Wheres the bf?
[11.05.2011 21:49:25] Eliana: i´m at home
[11.05.2011 21:49:34] Eliana: David is at his place packing

so the conversation went back and forth because it looks weird when a male "friend" comes over to her place that late and stuff... so i did some push n pull until she gave me her adress. Immediately i got out of that gathering, jumped in the car and drove there, 15mins later there i was.
I went up there and there she was in her room. The room was pretty empty, you could tell that she just moved. So we started to talk about this and that.From the moment i came in there, there was heavy kinoing going on from her side, she didn't miss a chance to touch me.

She told me about a cruise she was on in January and told me about a guy she was totally into, italian, long hair, know the kind of i was talking about. And told me about how physically attracted she felt but refused in the final night of the trip, to follow him to his room, and she still can't get him out of her head. She didn't follow him because of Social Conditioning...She should've followed her inner self she said, and i agree'd. Now it's like an unfinished business she can't forget

We talked and talked, sometimes between our faces ther was like less than 10cm between them and i noticed that sometimes she looked at my lips...
That moment i thought..."dude she has a boyfriend..."...but apparently she loves to play with fire...

So when i listened to her i looked her in the eyes and started thinking about sex, on purpose... and trying to "push my thoughts" into her. And suddenly she was like, in the middle of the conversation " Stop it!" and  i was like "What?! im just listening!" "Stop at me looking like this with those beautiful eyes..." and moved on talking, i repeated that several times and it just worked like a charm. (Confident girls RULE!)
After we were watching some YouTube video's she was like "i'm tired..." so i thought to myself "should i go?" when she finished her sentence ..."..with youtube" stood up and lay down on her bed...interesting...

So there i was sitting, torn about what should i do, i really genuinely connected with that girl...we had a lot in common...but should i be just like all opportunistic and fuck her or be a gentleman and refuse...So there i was sitting at her desk...clueless...

Eliana: What are you doing?
Ceasar: Struggling.
Eliana: With what?
Ceasar: With myself
Eliana: Why?
Ceasar: Because im feeling REALLY tempted...
Eliana: Tempted to do what?
Ceasar: You know exactly what so stop asking
my mind was RACING, what the fuck should i do...use her weak moment or be a gentleman?

So i took my chair and sat right next to her bed, she was looking at me with those shiny eyes.
Ceasar: I don't want to use your weak moment...I don't want you to do something you might regret.

i thought it's the right thing to do...honestly...

Eliana: but didn't you just tell me that when i am so physically attracted like i was to that musician-guy i should go for it?

She got me...half a year has passed and she was still not over this guy...because she had unfinished business...
So after a bit of talking...i joined her in the bed... she snuggled up to me and the way she was breathing was ridiculous...i had a direct response whereever i touched thing lead to another...

After like...easily know an hour or so. I told her that we can stop, but she was like "I want you to finish too" but i told her that it won't work. (Ever since i broke up with my fiancée i can't orgasm...feels like a fucking grudge it was like that before my ex-fiancée and now it's the second time this is happening, the first lay wasn't blogged) And she was getting dry so i know it hurts her.
So we stopped, she was hugging me all the time. I'll never forget the glow in her eyes...even though it was dark...i could see how she watched my face...every inch she was scanning with her glowing eyes...And she just couldn't stop kissing me.
So at about 4:45am i got dressed, while i was dressing myself i examined her was getting lighter outside so i could clearly see her silouette in front of the window...that really nice looking round brazilian looked i left her place...after getting again showered with kisses and those shiny eyes...
I told her not to be too hard on herself because she just followed her instincts...(next time i'll use the word "heart" instead of instints as Rob (a fellow PUA and very good friend of mine) suggested)

And 6am she left for a weekend in some East-European city.
To be continued or not?...we'll see...

to be continued

* although i told that nothing will be censored here i did change the names, everything else is real...just the way it happened.

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Long time no post & the Brazilian girl #1

Hi guys,
I guess some people are prettty dissapointed that there were no updates lately but there's a reason to it: i broke my knee. So i was sitting at home most of the time...
But today was different i needed to do something otherwise i would go nuts.
So i called aome people and asked what they were up to. Nothing..(Note to self: make new friends!)
So i figured..what should i do today ?
i remembered my neighbor saying that on theres a pretty active group with people meeting up to have drink and stuff..
So i took a peek and someones b-day was on the list at a place called La Chiva. Let's go...

When i arrived i took a look around...It was some kind of Salsa-Bar with a guy on his PC DJing and lots of people having fun. Outside there was a big table with english speaking people, i asked them whether they we're the bday-crowd and they were so i introduced myself and sat down. Next to me is a girl, brazilian...i would say an HB6 nothing so SPECIAL...but when i saw her smile i had to up her to an HB7 she was pretty cute..and she had a proper brailian booty....So that was my target. Next to me some AMOGs which i befriended immediately. Turns out she has a boyfriend, who's noth there...i kino her all the time, we have some really funny conversations going on, she shittested everyone around, but me. We had really LOTS in common so we could talk for HOURS...but soon it became colder so we went inside straight to the bar, i asked her what she drinks, she says she hates beer(that's a plus because i hate beer) and she likes Vodka...(YEAH!!!!!) and she is like and i can drink a lot...In that moment she appeared to me as a suppressed "party girl"...she told me she LOVES to dance, but doesn't because of studying...she likes to have a drink...but her boyfriend desn't like so i dare her to drink three vodka shots in a row. if she'll do it they're on me (i violated one of my rules here because i wanted to know if i'm right)...and what sould i say..she did it without hesitation...
Before we went in we were talking about dancing. I told her that i think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they she wanted to tell me later how she she stormed the floor and dancing...she had nice moves i have to with my broken leg i was just standing on the sidelines, drinking my coke and watching her. I noticed that she tried to iniciiate some moves but the guys didn't get them, so i made mental notes...about 15min into dancing she grabbed my hand and pulled me "Pon da Floor" so i started dancing...on one leg...somehow... i gave my best...(ITS SO FUCKED UP TO HAVE YOUR WHOLE WEIGHT ON ONE LEG AND DANCE!!!!!) but i got EVERY move she tried to iniciiate and started my own :) it was a lot of fun.
When we went outside to cool down she told me i was the best dance partner she ever had...

Soon her friends started gathering everyone to go home so i added her on facebook and got her number.

Lessons learned:
Make more friends(the spontaneous kind of...) is a great way of getting to know people
Brazilian girls are used to kino so you can get really into it....
Don't dance salsa with a broken knee
If you have a chance to look at the dance style of your target do so...

to be continued

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

The Day i met my Bullies

Friday Night 2 am at my favourite Club named ICON in Berlin. I walk into the club, deposit my coat in the DJ-Booth and take a tour around the club, see some familiar faces, some hi fives here ,some hugs there. Nothing special.
I wanted to approach some girls i liked, but AA was holding me back.FUCK...
Anyways so i enjoyed the music and a few cokes later i go to the bar and someone is shouting my lastname. So i turned around, nobody...then again...soon... i spot the guy shouting and was stunned. There he is... one of my biggest enemies a few years back.

Let me start from the beginning, when i was in "High School" i was being bullied by my whole class for three years. It was mainly psychological bullying but physical was involved in it too. I transformed from one of the most popular kid to the bullied kid without friends in no time. They destroyed nearly my whole existence. Everyday i was going home crying, my parents didn't understand, therefore didn't help and so on. Those were the hardest 3 years of my life so far. Back to the story.

And there he was, let's call him "Ben", shouting my Lastname. I immediately started beaming when i saw him(just like i would do to a friend that i haven't seen in a long time) and walked over, started chitchatting, then he introduced me to 3 other guys...familiar faces...there i was in between of 4 of my former bullies, smiling...(To be honest i would prefer do fuck them up but it is my favourite club and i know the bouncer...bad situation for a fight)

So i talked a bit with them, everybody was studiying, nobody knew what they wanted in life, they were like little puppies without their mommy, like a plane without istruments in a fog...clueless...
To be honest i felt a little bit of pity for them. Everyone of them had a few drinks, none of 'em had game.
So i orderered a round of shots, everybody raised 'em, then i looked into everyones eyes, started beaming...and told them:

"Thank you guys for three years of bullying, if it weren't for you, i wouldn't be the guy i am today, i wouldn't feel so great, maybe still didn't find my passion...Thanks guys"

The look on their faces in that moment was EPIC or as Barney would've sait LEGEN......wait for it.....DARY!!
With a loud bang their jaws dropped to the floor, there it was...the silence, and me still beaming. So i interrupted it and shouted "CHEERS!!"
This was my moment of triumph, of course i didn't hang with them, such losers...i just went to Vadim and talked a bit about his health. (Hello DHV) Talked a bit with other people here and there.
Then went on to some females, other females saw them laughing and later approached me and i was just enjoying myself. Had a great night. Vadims band "The electric" is awesome. And i went home at about 6. No number closes, no kiss closes but let me tell you something...i was thrilled either way. The bullies just stood there flabbergasted and had no confidence at all. Typical AFCs.

But now in retrospective i see i should've been more agressive with my time...

Montag, 28. März 2011

The beginning is always hard...

So i had big plans for my first active weekend as a single but there's a LOT to improve. First of all i need a wing to push me. On friday i was at my favourite Club in Berlin, called Icon. I LOVE good music and they fly artists in, like every week so that's an obvous choice isn't it?

There were a few HBs, but less than normal. I went in at about 2am(party doesn't start until then). Winners smile on and everything, a little bit of Peacocking going on, when a girl approached me(wtf?! thats a first...).
She was asking me about the cabinet key (?) i had on my chain(it's a key electrotechnicians use to open cabinets, it's pretty big so people start wondering, credit to a fella named Patrick who i stole this one from. He once was partying with a bathtub plug around his neck ;)...have to try that one too...)

So an HB approaches me, at first glance i would say HB 7,5 HSE-HD...she had a really nice body, was british and had a little bit of that goth style going

HB: What's that ?
Ceasar: A key...
HB: What for?
Ceasar: It's the key to my heart...(SORRY but i was so surprised i couldn't think of anything better!)
HB: Can i have it?
Ceasar: Of course not.
HB:Why not? (puppy eyes on and everything, so cute..)
Ceasar: You have to deserve it first. grinning...
HB: What do i have to do? beaming...

So i was like yeah...easy as we talked a bit about this and that...i befriended her AMOGs who were hovering above her...they all thought i was cool...i was anxious as hell because it's pretty new to me that a girl approaches me but anyways. SUDDENLY a guy walks into the group. She immediately focused on him.

She didn't introduce me to him so i told her it's rude not to introduce me to her friends. And she was like "That's my boyfriend", the guy had a "wtf?!" look on his face and i was like "...yeah...right..."
So she pulled him aside THROWING IOIs at him and he was just dodging them.
Later his friends told me that she's totally into him, but he has a girlfriend back home...that's why his mind is fighting...poor guy ^^. he was LOST with her hitting on him. I lost her.

Nothing special, had training. after that i wanted to take a nap and woke up at 4am...FUCK!...

So it was sunday, first i went to training. Do something for my body. After that i went to a park in Berlin called "Mauerpark". On sundays there is the Karaoke Bearpit, imagine an amphitheatre with approx. 2000 people in it and a guy with a karaoke soundsystem in the middle, everyone can come forward and sing. I enlisted immediately because i love to sing. When it was my turn... i came, i saw, i conquered, like usual, people cheering and stuff(Without bragging...i do CAN sing).
Some girl in the front row even threw a rose at me...NICE(That's a first).
And i told the crowd that i am looking for a girl to sing next week Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's "Lucky" with me. I went off stage. And sat down when this girl approaches me(again.. ^^) and she goes like " yeah i can sing that song", we introduced each other.

Andrea, 24 years old, from spain, HB 6, HSE LD

She told me she can sing it so i just pulled out my blackberry with the lyrics and told her to go ;)
She hesitated for a moment but then started...
THAT GIRL HAD A VOICE!!! Thank you Lord for this one...she sounded when i joined we were singing in harmony like we knew each other for YEARs...we were both BEAMING...yeah so we talked a bit about music and stuff..and then wanted to go somewhere where it's warmer because the sun already set and it was getting cold. We took a look at the map and i chose a place called ACUD at "Rosenthaler Platz" it's a really nice cosy bar, and at that very bar i was the first time on stage. So i have history there.
We went there. it was awesome like it used to be. A band was playing. Really nice music she was into it, i could tell by her body language. We talked a lot about our life philosophies, we just connected"live for the moment" and stuff. But i hesitated to escalate...Then we got a bit silly with "body tricks" and stuff when she bent her thumb until it lied flat on her underarm. So i was like "wow" and she was like yeah i was born really flexible... (Fantasy of every guy...?)

So i smiled and told the girl: Don't tell me stuff like that! ;)
HB grinning: I can put my legs behind my head...
Me: ...lost for words...

THAT was the moment when i completely lost my we enjoyed the music..drank a bit but it was just chitchat from that moment on...When we were waiting on the bus i was like:
FUCK FUCK FUCK! DO something!!!

So i pulled out my mobile phone with the lyrics of the "Lucky" song. We sang it once again in complete harmony, she was beaming again from ear to ear, :)

we did a facebook-close, we'll see maybe we see each other again...That's about it...
Guys comment below with an email adress or sumthin. ;)

Lessons learned:
If you peacock, PREPARE better!
Look better for IOI'S
Get a Wing to push you into sets
escalate, escalate, escalate....

That's it for now...

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Some Info about Me

OK So.Here'S a little Q&A about me

Who Are you ?
Hi I'm Ceasar. From now on that is gonna be my PUA Name, that's what i will use When i Pick Up Chicks. Why Ceasar you may ask? my third name is Caesarius so that's an obvious Choice.

Where are you from?
I am from Berlin, Germany i grew up here but my roots are in Poland.

Why are you doing this?
I recently dumped my fiancée. I've been with her for over 4 years. Didn't pick up a single chick during that time. It just didn't work out as planned. So yeah here i am single again.

Where did you learn about PickUp?
A friend of mine when i went to school gave me a book called "Lob  Des Sexismus" by "Lodovico Santana", you can compare it to as the german bible of pickup, like "The Game" by Neil Strauss which i've read too.
So i looked on the net for a "Berlin Lair" and i finally found it. I met the guys, they were really nice and I told them from the start that i'm interested in PickUp only to keep "my senses" sharp. Because IF i will be a single one day, i want to go ballistic. You never know when shit will be thrown into your path. So here I am, 2 years later, single. Ready to go.

What do you want do do?
I want to describe my journey from rAFC(Recovering Average Frustrated Chump) to PUA(Pick Up Artist) one step at a time. Including photos and other stuff so stay tuned. :)